Check out the latest endorsement video from Ohio Gun Owners. Ohio Gun Owners makes it a regular practice to survey the candidates each election period. This video from Ohio Gun Owners focuses on District 28 and highlight’s Kim’s gun advocacy. If you’d like to know more about Ohio Gun Owner’s survey process and see the full results, click here.

Ohio House District 28: Kim Georgeton is a clear winner! from Ohio Gun Owners.
Kim Georgeton is your best candidate for OH District 28 State Representative. These great organizations and people know it too! See below for an ever growing list of Kim Georgeton endorsers:


Here’s a full list of Kim Georgeton endorsers:

  • Cincinnati Right to Life
  • Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio
  • Restore Liberty PAC
  • Republicans of Greater Cincinnati
  • Ohio Republican PAC
  • Ohio Value Voters
  • Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom (OAMF) = A+ Rating
  • National Rifle Association = Aq Rating
  • Buckeye Firearms = Aq Rating
  • Ohio Freedom Coalition
  • Ohio Cops for Trump
  • Ohioans for Local Control of Education
  • Embryos Alive
  • Ohio Conservatives PAC
  • Boots on the Ground
  • Bikers for Trump
  • Dr. Douglas Frank for Election Integrity
  • Former Secretary of State of Ohio, Mr. Ken Blackwell
  • Ohio Women for Trump
  • Stand for Health Freedom
  • Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom
  • Former OH Representative District 16, Jim Renacci
  • Ohio Gun Owners
  • J.R. Majewski, Conservative Veteran for Congress