Monzel Disinformation

The lying, liberal and 4x loser, my Primary opponent, is spreading lies about me. He knows full well I used a Republican strategy promoted by Rush Limbaugh called Operation Chaos to help our Republican incumbent Donald Trump win the 2020
November election. These are the facts.

He would rather spend his entire campaign manipulating and confusing the voters and creating smear campaigns than actually telling voters what he is going to do to
improve District 28.

As a CAREER politician, lying, liberal and 4x loser, my Primary opponent, is accustomed to lying and smearing his opponents to protect his paycheck, but when we need him to fight for us, he’s hiding in his basement like Joe Biden. This isn’t the
kind of representation we want or need.

This is a crystal clear example of why I’m running in this race and why I need your vote. Lying career establishment politicians who would rather deceive you than work
for you need to be moved out of our politics and out of our pockets.

See Rush’s strategy HERE.


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